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Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance Criteria

Grades are not the only criteria for acceptance. Although the greatest weight is placed upon a student’s scholastic record, there are many additional factors that are taken into consideration during the admission process. Interviews facilitate the admission process and help the admission committee to determine a student’s demeanor, educational level and degree of commitment. Prospective students and applicants are encouraged to present a strong case for themselves through outlining their work or volunteer experience, community contributions and scholastic achievements in their personal essay and by providing strong letters of recommendation. Motivation and perseverance are some of the attributes considered when selecting a applicant.

At present, there is no requirement for an entrance examination. For students from North America, a very good Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) scores if available may provide an applicant an added advantage in the selection process.

Premedical requirements for admission into the 4-year MD degree program normally include University or College-level courses  as follows:

Students or applicants who do not possess the premedical prerequisites for admission into the 4-Year MD degree program highlighted above are encouraged to apply for admission into the 5-Year MD degree program of American University of St. Vincent School of Medicine. 

Such applicants must possess a high school or secondary school diploma or certificate with credits in science subjects (i.e., chemistry, biology, and physics), mathematics or calculus, and English.