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Application Timeline

The University accepts students on a rolling basis in September, January, and May.

Students can choose which session they would like to enter the University, and are encouraged to apply as early as possible to ensure admission during the session of their choice. The time necessary to obtain official transcripts, test scores, and letters of recommendation should be taken into consideration.


Candidates who meet the criteria for admission will be scheduled for an interview within approximately 1 week of receiving a completed student application. .

The personal interview provides an assessment of the applicant’s maturity, adaptability, ability to handle stress, aptitude, background, and above all the motivation to study medicine. Work history and professional or volunteer experiences also provide further evidence of the student’s motivation. An applicant’s performance during the interview may weigh just as heavily as test scores and grades and grade progress in college (i.e. real improvement) could tip the scale in an applicant’s favor. In the end, many “nontraditional” students are admitted to AUS – older “second career” students, minorities, and generally people with a wide variety of social, ethnic, and scholastic backgrounds.

What does the AUS interviewer look for in an applicant?

These attributes (by no means an exhaustive list of what AUS looks for in an applicant:
• Strong interpersonal skills – poise, tact, appropriate sense of humor
• Ability to listen and take another’s point of view
• Self-confident
• Articulate
• Compassionate
• Socially conscious

Following the Admissions Committee interview, students will be notified of their admission status in writing at the earliest possible date. Students are required to acknowledge their intentions to the Office of Admissions within1 week of the receipt of acceptance.

Students are required to acknowledge their intentions to the Office of Admissions by submitting an acceptance response form and seat deposit to our Admissions Office before the deadline stated in the Acceptance Letter. This deposit will be credited towards the first semester tuition fees when the student matriculates into the program. Seat Deposits are not subject to refund.


Acceptance into our program is granted by the Admissions Committee with the assumption that
• all pending coursework is completed prior to registration and
• all statements and documentation submitted by the applicant are true and correct.

All necessary documentation must be a part of the student’s file prior to registration and orientation.

The American University of St. Vincent reserves the right to nullify a candidate’s acceptance, dismiss a student, or void a diploma if it is subsequently discovered that false or inaccurate information was submitted.