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AUS Would Like To Congratulate Ms. Zaneshia Philbert For Passing The USMLE Step 1 Exam

AUS would like to congratulate Ms. Zaneshia Philbert for passing the USMLE Step 1 Exam. It takes hard work and dedication to accomplish your goals, congratulations Zaneshia

“My name is Zaneshia Philbert and I am from the small Island of Grenada. I began my medical journey here at AUS in January, 2015. I sat the USMLE step 1 exam in September 2017 and passed with a score of 237. Many students are apprehensive of the sitting the Steps exams, which is understandable as it is an integral part of being a U.S trained and license medical doctor. To that I have some advice; firstly, do not settle on being average. Do as much as you can and learn as well as you can, especially during the first four terms of medical school. This will be the foundation you build upon and we all know the saying about shaky foundations. Secondly, remember the struggles (past and ongoing) that got you to this point; the financial struggles, emotional struggles, the food struggles and use it as a driving force to be applied to my first advice. Lastly, one of my favorite quotes states ‘unsung melodies are never sweet’, so if you’ve put in the work and you are prepared then go forth and conquer!”

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