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September – December 2020 (Fall) Semester to be conducted ONLINE.
Please do not use hotmail or msn email accounts as contact addresses. If you are unable to use the Online Application form, then download the Application Form, fill in the information and email it to us at admissions@@aussom.org What to submit when applying? There are rolling admissions three times a year for sessions commencing in January, May and September. The admission committee’s decision will be communicated within 2 to 6 weeks from...
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Examinations are integral aspect of academics that assesses a learner’s knowledge in a course of study. Studies have shown that exams are not effective process to test a student’s knowledge. Unfortunately, exams are still utilised as yardstick to ascertain a student’s final grade. Most students dread exam periods as it heightens stress and anxiety in them. In times like this, students may pull an all-nighter or do unlimited days in...
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Caribbean medical schools provide alternative path for students to pursue their medical career. Studying in the Caribbeans offers you a chance to hasten your medical career, US residency opportunities and adventure. Caribbean medical school often is a dream come true for students who have applied to several US medical schools without success. So what makes Caribbean medical schools different from others? How does it stand out from the rest? High...
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AUSSOM medical school
There’s a fine line between stress and medical school. Medical school can be pretty challenging and might take a toll on the mental health of students. From numerous quizzes to stress of USMLE preparation, medical school is a rigorous journey. Today, many medical students are struggling with their mental health. You might not be able to reduce the workload but you can adopt study schedules and regimens that will help...
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A total of 20 new students were all present in the 2015 fall orientation ceremony on Monday 7th September at the American University Campus. It was with great pleasure seeing a mixture of different diversity of students.  a member from the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force, GTM Insurance Company and our very own Jeffery Weisberger – Director of Admissions and Brashant Carter – Student Service Co-ordinator from the...
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