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September - December (Fall) to be conducted Online and In-Person.
If you’re now scheduled for an in-person interview, congratulations! Your phone interview was a success, and now it is imperative to make a good impression person to person. We wish for your success in these interviews, and want to give some tips for a great interview. Preparation is yet again the cornerstone for an advantageous interview. It is recommended that you conduct research on the school, your major, the professors,...
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Feb 18, 2016AUS-BlogAdmin0 comment  Becoming a Doctor Across the world, and especially in the United States and Canada, growing and aging populations have resulted in an increased demand for physicians. However, there are many obstacles that prevent medical school graduates from becoming practicing doctors. Our blog will guide students through the medical school  experience from premed to medical school graduation, residency and licensure. This week’s blog will focus on the...
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Our blog is designed to answer your questions about being a premed student, becoming a doctor, residency and licensure. We’re going to continue discussing the path of premed students this week. Many US and Canadian students choose to pursue a bachelor’s degree, but it is not a requirement for admissions to AUS. In fact, AUS offers a two year premed program on the same campus as our medical school, which...
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Have you ever been invited to tell a story from your life? Which stories did you choose? Was it a story that reflected the person you’ve become or the journey you’ve traveled? In this blog we wish to aid you in representing yourself and your story to this prospective medical school. Generally, for the MCAT application there are two types of personal statements that you will encounter. The AMCAS (American...
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At its recently held White Coat Ceremony, medical students at the American University of St. Vincent School of Medicine (AUS) were reminded of the need to give selflessly and to care for others. In keeping with this pledge, some students from the institution, in collaboration with organizers of the Roman Catholic’s Soup Kitchen, paid for and distributed 1000 lunches to persons in Kingstown. Primarily, the homeless and other less fortunate...
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