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American University of St. Vincent on alert for the La Soufrière volcanic eruption. April 09, 2021 Updates on La Soufriere Volcano (at 3 : 00 PM EST)The American University of St. Vincent, School of Medicine has confirmed that there were no injuries reported in a volcanic eruption that happened in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The...
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Examinations are integral aspect of academics that assesses a learner’s knowledge in a course of study. Studies have shown that exams are not effective process to test a student’s knowledge. Unfortunately, exams are still utilised as yardstick to ascertain a student’s final grade. Most students dread exam periods as it heightens stress and anxiety in...
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Caribbean medical schools provide alternative path for students to pursue their medical career. Studying in the Caribbeans offers you a chance to hasten your medical career, US residency opportunities and adventure. Caribbean medical school often is a dream come true for students who have applied to several US medical schools without success. So what makes...
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AUSSOM medical school
There’s a fine line between stress and medical school. Medical school can be pretty challenging and might take a toll on the mental health of students. From numerous quizzes to stress of USMLE preparation, medical school is a rigorous journey. Today, many medical students are struggling with their mental health. You might not be able...
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