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In-Person Interview

If you’re now scheduled for an in-person interview, congratulations! Your phone interview was a success, and now it is imperative to make a good impression person to person. We wish for your success in these interviews, and want to give some tips for a great interview.


Preparation is yet again the cornerstone for an advantageous interview. It is recommended that you conduct research on the school, your major, the professors, etc. To have a firm understanding of where you will be investing years of your life is key, and showing interest in your campus is beneficial to your overall interview. You must be able to answer foundational questions such as: ‘Why do you wish to join the medical field?’, ‘What drives you?’ etc. If you’re not sure how to articulate this, Forbes has great articles on finding your passions.http://www.forbes.com/sites/forbeswomanfiles/2014/07/02/3-practical-ways-to-find-your-lifes-passion-and-a-career-you-love/#2715e4857a0b570e4f3f1d8b

In the same vein as research, be sure to record questions you may have, and bring them up during the interview. Inquiries confirm your interest and show you are open to suggestions and guidance.

Take your time to relay your point and articulate your passions. The interviewer will look for what drives you into this career field. If you are nervous, there are tips you can follow to calm yourself. http://theundercoverrecruiter.com/nervous-wreck-5-ways-shake-your-job-interview-anxiety

You’ve heard the saying “First impressions are everything”. First impressions are very important for your medical school interviews. Make sure you’ve research appropriate dress code: flattering, not overly assumptuous. Wear something that helps you feel confident in who you are and what you have to offer. Make sure to keep documents well prepared and organized: rustling through paperwork during an interview might disrupt the flow of conversation. Sometimes interviews are completed in groups; keep attentive when the other applicant are speaking. There are different interview styles for different schools, and here are some examples:http://gradschool.about.com/od/medicalinterview/a/Types-Of-Medical-School-Interviews.htm .

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