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Dr. Sanju Aggarwal

September - December (Fall) to be conducted Online and In-Person.

Dr. Sanju Aggarwal

Professor and Department Chair, Pathology

Dr. Sanju Aggarwal is working as Professor and Department Chair, Pathology. She employs a variety of active learning strategies, including flipped classroom, problem-based learning, and modified team-based learning in her teaching. She has worked in esteemed medical schools in the Caribbean, such as Saint Georges University in the Department of pathology. She has more than twenty five years of experience as a physician and teaching in various countries.

Dr. Aggarwal has a passion for teaching medical students and has actively participated in health fairs and community activity. She served on various committees like promotions and research committee and has published several research publications in international peer reviewed journals. Dr. Aggarwal also received certification in Essential skills in medical education (ESME) from Association for medical education in Europe (AMEE), UK.