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Ercelle John Thomas

Ercelle John Thomas

Department Of English

Ercelle John Thomas has worked as an educator for all of her adult life. She taught at primary, secondary and pot tertiary levels. Her professional credentials include a teaching certificate from the St Vincent Teachers’ College, endorsed by the University of the West Indies, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of the West Indies and a post graduate diploma in the teaching of English from the University of the West Indies.
She served as Head of the English Department and Deputy Principal at the Girls’ High School and later at the St Martin’s Catholic Boys School.

Mrs Thomas has had some expertise and experience in the fields of Dance and Drama. She has served voluntarily in various organizations and was a member of the St Vincent Educational Advisory Board. She is currently a part time lecturer in English at the American University of St Vincent and does private tutoring for secondary school students and university undergraduate students attached to the UWI. She has edited several books and has herself authored a number of short stories for children.

She teaches English at all levels on the island of St. Vincent and enjoys interacting with young people. She currently lectures in English and Communication Studies at the American University of St. Vincent, and have held this position since 2014. The course she handles exposes students to a variety of reading selections from a range of authors and also emphasizes grammar, composition, research, and analytical skills.


1968 Teaching Diploma, St. Vincent Teachers’ College

1975 B.A. English and General Studies, University of the West Indies

1990 Post Graduate Diploma in the teaching of English, University of the West Indies