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Mr. Kenroy Johnson

Mr. Kenroy Johnson

Department Of Biology

Mr. Kenroy Johnson has spent most of his life working in the field of education, having taught or worked as an administrator at all levels of the system: primary, secondary and post secondary. He graduated in 1996 with a first class honors degree in Education and Biology from the Cave Hill Campus, University of the West Indies. He then successfully completed a Masters’ programme in Education and Curriculum Studies at the University of British Columbia, Canada in 2000. This was followed in 2007 by a Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Management with the University of Technology Jamaica.

As a Graduate Teacher, Mr. Johnson taught at the secondary level in a number of subject areas including English Language, Integrated Science, Human and Social Biology and General Biology. He also served as a Secondary School principal for five years: August 2004 to October 2009. This was followed by a stint at the St Vincent Community College (October 2009 – November 2010) as Outreach Officer mandated to establish a College outreach programme in rural communities.

Mr. Johnson has also been involved in Curriculum initiatives at both the local and regional levels. In 1998 he worked as part of a team headed by a Canadian Consultancy firm: EKOS Communications, Inc., in developing a Biodiversity Curriculum for the OECS. In 2003 – 2004 he worked as part of a regional team headed by Professor Winston King – UWI, in developing a Lower Secondary School and Primary School Science Curriculum for the OECS. In addition he has worked on several local Curriculum Development Projects.